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New issue of „Studia Iuridica Montenegrina” (No. 2) in 2020 has been published
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Studia Iuridica Montenegrina, No. 2, Year II


Zoran Stojanović

Criminal Offence of Document Forgery in Montenegrin Criminal Law​​ (  )

Emir Ćorović

Community Service in the Criminal Code of Montenegro: Current Position in Legislation and Practice (  )

Slađana Aras Kramar, Marijan Serenčeš

Reformed Institute of Second Appeal and Access to the Supreme Court in Croatian Law – Some Legal Remarks (  )

Anđela Đukanović, Bojan Božović

The Right to Education in the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights (  )  

Milica Kovač – Orlandić

Modern Challenges of Regulating Working Time: Is the Boundary Between an Employee’s Working

and Free Time Too Blurred? (  )


Bojan Božović

Rodoljub Etinski, Interpretation of International Agreements: Rules and Practice,
Faculty of Law, University of Donja Gorica, Podgorica, 2020 (  )


„Intertribal Assembley“ (Stanak) in Montenegro to the Present Time (  )