This Journal is published by the Faculty of Legal Science, University of Donja Gorica. Apart from being engaged in the sphere of higher education, the task of each university and faculty is to contribute to the development of scientific thought. One of the ways to accomplish this is publishing their own journals.

Through journals, faculties are even more integrated into scientific community and they communicate with its members. Although this goal is also achieved through organising scientific conferences, working on research projects and other activities, journals ought to be a centre of continuing scientific activity for all those who want to make a contribution to their area of study. In our case, of course, it goes without saying that professors and teaching assistants of Faculty of Legal science UDG will be cooperating and contributing to the journal, but it is not necessarily intended only for them.

One of the basic editorial orientations will be the tendency to get more associates outside the borders of Montenegro and beyond those who belong to the milieu of our faculty. Science in general, as well as legal science, has a universal character, and in those terms, establishing any kind of borders is not advisable. Therefore, even the title of the Journal has to be understood conditionally. The adjective “Montenegrina” refers to a journal which is published in Montenegro, and it ought not to be seen as a journal which deals with topics relevant to Montenegrin Legal science. It goes without saying that the journal seeks for topics that are relevant for further development of legal thought in Montenegro. However, if there are some other important topics, they may also be important for law and legal thought in Montenegro.

The editorial board hopes hopes that the Journal can contribute to a perpetual growth of understanding and learning, an unceasing development of spiritual life so as to achieve an overall and complete understanding of a complex world of legal norms and what they regulate. Furthermore, this tendency must not neglect and jeopardize the individuality of scientific activities.

The Journal will be published twice a year. It is conceived as a journal which deals with general law issues where contributions from all areas of legal science and related sciences would be published. The editorial board invites potential authors to cooperate and truly hopes that original articles in our Journal will represent a substantial contribution to certain legal disciplines.

Editor in chief,
Prof. dr Zoran Stojanović

COBISS.CG-ID 38090512

ISSN 2661-2623 (printed version)

ISSN 2704-5315 (online version)